You're Way Better At This Than My Boyfriend!

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Sisters should always be there for each other. Even if they're not blood, they still should be able to count on each other when one's in a rough patch. Safia has been exploring her sexual life with multiple partners, she's had a great time with most of them but there was still something missing and she couldn't quite put the finger on it. She needed something new, something exciting that would change her sex life forever. What she needed was to have sex with another girl. After all, girls are fun and who's better than another woman to know what she really wanted. Excited at the idea, she had to talk about it with someone. That someone was her stepsister who's been her confidence for the past 8 years. Every word about her fantasies made her sister wet. She couldn't bear how sexy everything she told her was. Taking her courage into her own hands, she finally said; "Do me, let's do it we're not blood-related anyways". This was the beginning of a long-lasting, sex-fueled relationship between two horny stepsisters

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