Whiny Stepsister Deserves A Little Punishment

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Sarah is a whiny bitch. All she does is complain about her boyfriend. Not a single day goes by without hearing her at least once scream on the phone about how he's never there for her or how he never wants to do anything anymore. Her stepsister Tomi had enough of her whingeing and complaining. She had to tell her to break it off in any way possible. After confronting her on the matter, she soon realized that the problem came from sex. He never even ate her pussy. Something that she had always enjoyed. Tomi had an idea, she told her that she'd eat her pussy anytime if she finally leaves him. Sarah couldn't believe what she just heard, but after some hesitation she accepted. Tomi was rough with her, pulling her hair while eating her ass from behind, licking her clit as fast as she could. Sarah had her eyes rolling into her head the whole time. That's the kick she needed to finally leave her stupid boyfriend. After all, it's better if we keep it in the family!

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