Two Asian Stepsisters Learn To Share More Than A Bed

Jade Kush - Avery Black
25:26 | Views 856781

Starring Avery Black and Jade Kush; Avery and Jade need to learn to live together. They fight like 2 cats in a sack and they stepmom can't take it anymore. Today's argument: Who's sleeping in the bottom bunk. These two Asian chicks can't stand each other and stepmom has to intervene again. For tonight, they'll share the bed. After falling asleep by each other's size, Jade starts moaning as the Avery hugs her gently, running her hand on her half-nude body. As jade wakes up, she tells her she's not used to sleeping with someone else than her boyfriend. This whole conversation leads up to Avery slipping her hand between Jade's legs touching her pussy gently. Who knew these two Asian stepsisters had a penchant for other girls. Nothing like a night of fingering, pussy licking, tribbing and scissoring to make them forget about their little rivalry.

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