Teen Stepdaughter Anastasia Knight Disciplined By Stepmom

Anastasia Knight
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Featuring Anastasia Knight and London River; Being a teenager comes with responsibilities. You have to do chores, go to school and do just about anything to try and not piss off your parents with your erratic moods and behaviors. Anastasia just turned 18 and she's all about going out with friends, shopping and partying. She lives at home with her dad and her stepmom, London, who is a stay-at-home stepmom. She has a sizable house to take care of while her husband is away and she needs Anastasia's help from time to time, even if it's just doing the dishes; something she can't seem to be able to do right. She'd rather be glued to her cell phone instead of doing proper work. London has had enough of her conduct and claims that she needs to start helping out or she should get a job. She might not be her real mom, but she still has some authority over her stepdaughter. In a fit of rage, she confiscates her cellphone. Anastasia starts fidgeting and telling her she can't be dictating everything she does because she's just her stepmom. But she's soon brought to her knees when London says she'll confiscate her car. Seeing her stepdaughter pleading and claiming she'll do anything to get her car back, London has an idea how Anastasia can redeem herself. Her husband is never home and she could use her stepdaughter to fulfill her sexual needs. Unzipping her skirt, she caresses her pussy before pushing her on the couch. Anastasia is sure to get her car back after eating her stepmom out as if her life depended on it. London won't have to worry about her behavior anymore, she knows exactly how she can get what she wants from her bratty stepdaughter.

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