Stepmom Punishes Her Naughty Stepdaughter

Britney Amber
37:30 | Views 959165

Starring Britney Amber and Katya Rodriguez; Amber has had enough of Katya's behavior. What has she done again you ask? She got caught passing notes to a boy in class. Nothing harmful, right? You might want to think again when the teacher has to call Katya's stepmom at work to come and pick her up during detention. Furious, Britney barges in the detention room where she harshly scolds her stepdaughter. But that's nothing compared to what Britney has in reserve for her. After she reads the note she's been passing to a certain boy in her class, she has no choice but to punish her. After an awkward ride home, stepmom asks her to meet her upstairs in her room where the punishment begins. Most of us wouldn't call this a punishment, really. Being spanked by a hot MILF stepmom would make our pussies wet and our dicks grow twice their sizes. And that's exactly what happens. Katya wanted to get fucked? Might as well get fucked by her kinky hot stepmom.

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