(Step)Mother Knows What's Best For Her Little Girl

Nina Elle - Maya Kendrick
25:27 | Views 369780

Maya's having little problems with her boyfriend Jake. She loves him, no doubt about it. But there is something else that's on her mind every time they have sex and she has to get it out of her chest. Maya knows she can always count on her stepmother Nina if she has something on her mind. She empties her bag to her stepmom, telling her that she's been wanting to have sex with other girls for quite a while. She's never eaten any girls out, never even kissed one and it's been one of her biggest fantasies. Nina, who has much more experience in the matter decides to take the initiative and teach her everything she knows. Turns out she's a natural, sucking on her stepmom's clit, tribbing and scissoring like she's done it her whole life.

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