Slutty Alexa Nova Finally Gets To Fuck Her Stepsister Ivy Brooks Starring Ivy Brooks and Alexa Nova

Alexa Nova
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Alexa and Ivy are now stepsisters. Since their parents got together, their friendship only grows stronger every day. Alexa is the slutty type, she likes to explore her sexuality in any way she can with multiple partners, boy or girl, it doesn't matter, as long as it feels good. They hang out in one another's room, doing nothing but watching time pass when Alexa strikes a conversation with Ivy. She asks her about her tattoos, their meaning all the while touching slightly her body. After explaining all of her arts' meaning, she then asks her if she's into girls. The way she was touching her gave it off. Alexa, being the quirky type, reaches for her drawer and pulls out a strap-on dildo. An invitation that Ivy quickly responds to. She strips, removing every last bit of clothing and starts touching herself with the toy. Alexa then starts helping her out, inserting the dildo into her stepsisters pussy while licking her clit. They finish each other off nicely, hugging on the bed when their male friend enters the room. He can't believe his eyes, his 2 best friends are lying on the bed, exhausted and sweaty from their little lesbian adventure. He exclaims that he's going to tell everyone and gets kicked out of the room, while Alexa and Ivy go take a shower. He comes back and enters the bedroom and starts putting his nose where he shouldn't. He starts sniffing their undies and the strap-on they just used. This guy wants in on the fun, but will he get what he wants? To be continued.

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