Pillow Fighting Step Sisters. They sure look like Twins!!

Alexis Brill - Adriana Brill
26:55 | Views 92705

Alexis and Adriana look like twins, but they're actually stepsisters. They are taking care of the house for a week while their parents are out on vacation. They were looking forward to spending time together, walk around the house in underwear and eat whatever the hell they want. When Alexis sees her stepsister laying around in her bed wearing nothing but her undies, she took the opportunity to have a little fun. She grabbed one of the pillows and hit Adriana with it. The fight was on. They were hitting each other playfully with pillows when one of them slipped and went close to the other's face. In the heat of the moment, they started kissing. Adriana removes her sister's underwear and starts licking her pussy and fingering her. Moaning with pleasure, she lets herself enjoy the moment until she wants to taste her stepsisters pussy. They'll have a whole week to discover each other even more.

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