My Wet American Summer

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Last summer was the best vacations of my life. Hanging out with friends, spending all day outside sunbathing, swimming in the pool and drinking. There's one thing that I will remember forever. I was with my girlfriends in the backyard when we started talking about sex, more specifically lesbian sex.Most of the girls I was hanging out with had already at some point or another had experienced with other girls. I didn't. I was this shy girl who had difficulties talking with boys, but I was comfortable with my friends so I listened. They all shared their stories. Some were quite funny and some were really dirty and hot. I couldn't believe it made me feel so horny. I think pretty much at this point was horny. Some of the girls had started kissing jokingly, but it soon turned into a full-on orgy. Since I was the only "girl virgin" they all ganged up on me, making me feel like I was in heaven. All of them kissing me and touching me everywhere. Fingering my wet pussy and using lots of toys. I will never forget the summer where I learned how much fun I had with the girls.

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