My Stepsister's Feet Can't Be This Cute

Whitney Wright
40:09 | Views 394030

Whitney has a foot fetish. She always had this sexual fantasy of having her stepsister's, the most beautiful feet she'd ever seen all for herself. Making them touch her pussy and putting them in her mouth to suck on all the toes. She's been hiding it for quite a while and honestly, she was quite ashamed of it. Until she and her stepsister had this little lesbian excursion. They've been the closest ever since they had their little girl-on-girl fun and she decided to finally tell her about her foot fetish. To her surprise, her stepsister told her that she could do anything she wanted with her body, and that included her cute little feet. Whitney's been the happiest ever since, licking her toes and putting her stepsister's whole feet in her mouth.

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