Mommy Will Teach You A Lesson

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North was about to step out of the house incognito to go to a party when her stepmom Nicole catches her in the act. She wasn't mad because of her slipping off, she was mad about the dress she was wearing. Way too short and showing just a tiny glimpse of her ass. North's guardian grabs her dress from behind, revealing her ass, bare naked. That was the last straw, she wasn't even wearing any underwear! North knew that if she got caught, she could never go out and show off her new attire. Her stepmom grabs her firmly and states that if she wants to go out and show off her ass, she has to show it to her first. North, being somewhat reluctant, thought it would be a good trade. After all, she always thought her stepmother was sort of hot. Grabbing her ass firmly, Nicole starts tonguing North's mouth, gripping firmly on her ass. North was moaning, she wanted it. She's been secretly wanting this for a long time and it's happening now! She let herself enjoy the moment, while her mom got down to her knees and started licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. That's a lesson she'll want to learn again later.

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