Little Prankster Caught At Her Own Game

Liza Rowe
39:08 | Views 323082

Liza Rowe is a sweet teenager who likes to pull pranks on her stepmother. She loves to hide her stuff, play with her makeup and go into her bedroom and mess with her clothes. One day, while pulling one of her classic pranks, she stumbled upon a big, pink dildo in her mom's dresser drawer. The prank was off, seeing that thing made her way too horny to think about her mischievous acts. She went downstairs, sat on the couch and started fucking herself with the big toy. She was almost at her climax when her stepmother entered the house, catching her in the act. She thought for sure she would get the greatest sermon in the history of mankind, but instead, her stepmother pulled her on her knees, grabbing her hair and smearing her cute stepdaughter's face all over her own crotch. That afternoon, she learned a valuable lesson; don't fuck with your stepmom, just fuck her relentlessly.

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