Lesbian Stepsisters Showerheading Their Clits In The Bath

Megan Vale
29:35 | Views 759569

Starring Megan Vale and Cute Sunny; Megan and Sunny are stepsisters. Both share a secret taste for lesbian sex. Home alone one day, playing around with their bodies when one of them gets an idea; A bubble bath. The best time they could spend together during their (step)sisterly lesbian sex and relaxing at the same time, is a hot, bubble bath. Excited by the idea, Both jump in the tub without even removing their clothes, splashing water on their petite teen bodies. After removing their soaked clothes, Sunny uses the showerhead right on Megan's clit making her shake from pleasure. As they get farther into their hot lesbian adventure, Sunny starts eating out her stepsister, toying her asshole for maximal anal pleasure. It's now her time to get her clit splashed with pressured water as she laughs and screams from how much fun they're having. Their hot lesbian sex experience has been the most bonding moment as stepsisters (and fuckfriends).

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