Lesbian Sex With Stepsister To Get Back At Boyfriend

Athena Faris - Kira Noir
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Starring Kira Noir and Athena Faris; Athena Faris catches her boyfriend texting with another girl. No big deal right? Until you find pictures of them together making out. Confiding to her stepsister Kira Noir, she immediately tells her that he's an asshole. He doesn't deserve a girl like her. Kira also concludes that if he can go and fool around with other girls, why can't Athena do the same? That's when she let her stepsister know that she's done with men and that she's been more into girls recently. Kira's is pleasantly surprised that her stepsister is confessing her love for girls to her. Kira then let Athena know that she's been fucking around with other girls too and that she is ready to help her get back at her boyfriend. How will they do it? How about taking a couple of pictures of them having some extra hot lesbian sex, just to send to her dumbass boyfriend? Athena is turned on by the idea and soon her stepsister's undressing her, putting her mouth and sucking on her pierced nipples. Soon enough, their hands go down their short shorts, touching each other's clit and going down on each other. Want to know all the nasty little details of this taboo stepsister on stepsister lesbian sex scene? Go on and join Step Lesbians today for FREE! Get access to hours and hours of taboo stepfamily lesbian porn; stepsister on stepsister, stepmother with stepdaughter. Name it you'll have it. What are you waiting for?

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