Forbidden Pleasures With My Muslim Stepsister

Audrey Royal
32:56 | Views 681398

Starring Audrey Royal and Scarlett Sage; Scarlett and Audrey have been stepsister for over a year now. They've always been friends and their parents marrying each other was great news for them. They know they can count on each other when they have something bugging them. Audrey has a strict Muslim father who's very faithful. He demands his daughter wears a hijab, but Audrey hates it. She wants people to look at her for other reasons than the scarf she constantly has to wear everywhere. She just wants what normal girl teenagers want; Guys to look at her for her beauty, show off her hair and meet people without having the awkward, constant staring. Audrey tells everything to Scarlett who's quick to comfort her. Scarlett tells her that she doesn't need to wear it, it's her life and she can do anything she wants. Removing her hijab and touching her hair, they start kissing. Removing her scarf was already haram, but having hard and torrid lesbian sex with her stepsister is a whole new level of taboo. Audrey never believed in the culture she was born in, and after having some haram fun with her stepsister, she's sure to take her life into her own hands and savor life's most forbidden fruits.

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