Finding Out About Stepmom's Toys

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When June found out her stepmom Bianca kept a lot of sex toys in her drawer, she got curious. She couldn't stop thinking about them. She had to try them. She enters her mom's room, opens the dresser drawers carefully and grabs a couple of them to her room. She laid on her couch and begins to touch herself.Bianca went to her room to change when she noticed her dresser drawer had been messed with. Some of her toys were missing and there could only be one culprit. She goes to June's room to confront her but stops at the door when she hears moaning from the inside. Opening the door carefully as not to startle her, she sees her fully naked, inserting this big double-headed dildo in her pussy. Seeing her stepdaughter touching herself like that only made her want to join in on the fun. Biting her lips, She sneaks into the room and grabs her by surprise, covering her mouth with her hand. If you want to play with mommy's toys, you'll have to share and play by her rules.

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