Family Fun Time With My Stepmother and her Sister

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Family gatherings are boring. You have to talk to people you don’t really know. You probably see them once or twice a year on occasions. However, there’s always someone you look forward to see and for Madison, it’s her aunt Bella. She’s not really her aunt, she’s her stepmother’s Ava sister and more like a friend to her. She’s this cool, well-rounded, beautiful woman who let’s her do things her stepmom wouldn’t. To be quite honest, she has a big crush on her. Madison knows Bella and her stepmom Ava are really close. They seem almost in love from time to time, talking secretly and touching each other gently. During the party, her aunt asks her to come over with her, she had something to show her. Entering the room, she sees her stepmom, undressed on the bed. Obviously flustered, she closes the door behind her and ask what is going on. Her stepaunt then proceeds to tell her that her and sister have been having steamy, hot, lesbian sex for a while and that she's seen how her niece was looking at her. She would soon end up being licked up and touched everywhere by two hot milfs. Truly a dreamlike adventure for Madison.

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