Cindy Starfall and the Big Bad Lesbian Stepsister

Cindy Starfall
37:57 | Views 621142

Cindy's a studious girl with a lot of potential in life. She lives at home with her mom, her stepdad and some bitch called Kendra who she has to call her stepsister. Sometimes she wishes her mom hadn't married that man so she wouldn't have to endure her stepsister's endless bullying. One day while studying, her cunt of a sister enters her room and starts bullying her as usual. Only this time things went a little overboard. Kendra starts kissing her while grabbing her pussy, calling her all sorts of names while she helplessly tries to stop her. Or so you would think. Cindy's discovering that she might actually like it when her stepsister's all over her body, forcing her tongue down her throat and licking her ass and pussy. She has now found a perfect way to deal with her bullshit while doing something that she enjoys; fucking with another girl.

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