Bonding Over Their Love For Girls - Abella Danger and Nikki Peach

Abella Danger - Nikki Peach
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Starring Abella Danger and Nikki Peach; There comes a time in every girl's life where you want to go out and see the world. Unfortunately for Abella and Nikki, they are stuck with strict parents and are sent to an all-girl private school. After getting caught sneaking out of the house, their parents decided it was time to send them away for some ""rehabilitation"". Little did they know, Abella hasn't been sneaking out to see boys like they first thought. Trying to overprotect them from something inevitable will be their downfall. Nikki is pissed at Abella because she was sent with her stepsister, even though it's Abella who got caught sneaking out. After an argument in their dorm room, Abella Danger spills the beans. She wasn't going out to see boys but in fact girls. Her girl crush is now far away from her and she has to deal with the fact that she won't be seeing her for a while. Nikki's sorry to hear it. That's when they get the perfect idea to get back at their parents. Nikki's been also into girls for a while now and she knows exactly what Abella has in mind. They get closer and sit on the same bed and start kissing. Ripping apart her shirt, Abella couldn't wait anymore to have a taste of her stepsister's tits and pussy. Want to see more of these two amazing babes? You wouldn't want to miss Abella Danger making her stepsister squirt now, would you? All it takes is to create your FREE account on to have access to all the lesbian stepfamily porn you could ever wish for. So what are you waiting for? All these nasty girls are waiting for you!

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