Angry Pillow Fighting Stepsisters Make Up With Hot Lesbian Sex

Penelope Reed
22:27 | Views 784933

Starring Penelope Reed and Jada Cruz: Penelope Reed is studying hard to get her bachelor's degree but she just can't concentrate. Her stepsister Jada Cruz has to stay in her room since hers isn't ready yet. They both lay on Penelope's bed when Jada starts humming while listening to music. Penelope gets mad at her, she's being annoying. She needs to study for her early morning exam and wake up even earlier than usual. Jada, pissed, tells her she's the most boring stepsister while simultaneously hitting her with a pillow. The pillow fight is on. They start banging pillows on each other's half-naked bodies, swinging them wildly and hitting hard. They push and climb on each other trying to overpower one another. Penelope has enough. She gets on top of Jada and starts kissing her fiercely. Both are panting through each kiss, out of breath from their previous battle. What started as a dispute between two stepsisters became a lusty lesbian hookup. Their bodies grind on each other as Penelope undresses Jada, sucking on her small pierced tits. As they make their way to orgasm, they pull out the anal beads, inserting them into Jada's tight ass while sixty-nining. Who said stepsisters couldn't overcome their conflicts with good old fashioned makeup sex?

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